Available courses

Beyond the Water Bottle: Minimizing Microplastic Pollution Challenge is created through a partnership between JASON Learning and The Virginia Institute of Marine Biology (VIMS).  Educators will explore the Beyond the Water Bottle design challenge where students design a sustainable plan to reduce the debris associated with a microplastic source of pollution in their community.

Welcome to an orientation to Case Based Learning created through a collaboration between the Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE) and JASON Learning. This self-paced course can be done in one or multiple sittings, and takes approximately 2.0-2.5 hours to complete. Actual times may vary. 

In this asynchronous course, educators will explore Case Based Learning concepts and techniques, while experiencing "hands-on" components through a short, sample case. This course includes further information about Case Based Learning and how to connect with PIE to create your own case!

Learn more about Case Based Learning! Use the following enrollment key for this course: CBLPIE22

In this asynchronous course,  educators will participate in an overview of JASON, including JASON’s philosophy, curricula, and available resources. Educators will learn how to access standard alignments and identify the curriculum collections best suited for their needs. This includes tips and strategies for on-boarding students and navigating the JASON platform. Participants will have time to explore and share ideas. 

(1.0 credit hours)

Argonauts will work with JASON staff over four sessions to learn and practice the process of Design Thinking:

  • How to emphasize with end-users of a product or service
  • Define the problem to be solved
  • Generate innovative ideas
  • Build prototypes
  • Test solutions
  • Iterate and improve
Argonauts will also practice “thinking like an entrepreneur” so they’ll understand how innovations survive and endure in real-world markets.

The challenges that Houstonians face are increasing in size, frequency and complexity.  How can we work together to create a greater Houston area where all individuals regardless of age, gender, race and socioeconomic status thrive instead of merely surviving?  JASON Learning created the Design Thinking Ambassador Program to support school districts and educators in their efforts to develop STEM literate students who are able to effectively influence decision makers and advocate for themselves and their communities.  Released in the Spring of 2020, the Resilient Houston framework is used as a resource to identify goals and challenge areas for the greater Houston area.